How do I schedule an appointment with Aris Mobile X-Ray ?

You can make an appointment with Aris Mobile X-Ray at any time by calling 1800-972-9114 we are available 24 hrs. a day 7 days a week or submit an appointment request from our website.

What information do I bring with me?

You will need to have a prescription from your primary doctor for any study requested and send us by fax at: 1866-236-5409 previous to your appointment.

Do you perform Radiology services at Patient's residencies?

Absolutely!! If do you have any disability, don't have transportation or don't have time to go to a diagnostic center , Don't worry!!! , we can go to your home at any time. Call us today for an appointment or send us an appointment request in our website or calling us at 1800-972-9114

What type of Radiology services , do you perform?

We do all general X-Rays, ultrasounds , EKG and Holter Monitor.

My doctor's office says I have to go to another radiology facility for imaging services. Is that true?

All patients have the right to choose where to go for their radiology services , if do you decide; we can also go to your home to perform the studies.

Why must I have a full bladder for some ultrasound exam?

Full bladder are required for pelvis and obstetrical ultrasound. Since sound waves use in ultrasound travel better through liquids, a full bladder enables the passage of the sound waves making the anatomy (ovaries and uterus) behind the bladder easier to evaluate .

Why I can't eat or drink before some ultrasound exams?

Eating , drinking or chewing gum or using mints before and ultrasound introduces air into the stomach and bowel areas, and sound waves use in ultrasound do not penetrate air well. This air or gas makes it harder to evaluate the organs. Plus, some organs contract and can not be visualized if food or drink has been ingested.